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For Online Marketers

It works with Facebook ADS and major traffic sources, BAN-free. Clickbuster simplifies and highly automates the work for beginners and offers constantly updated guides, advanced tools and scalability to expert marketers.

Dedicated Servers RDP

Create your dedicated Server infrastructure, to safely prevent tracking, and manage infinite advertising accounts simultaneously. Dedicated Servers are the final solution to permanently eliminate tracking problems for Business Managers. Each account is completely isolated, avoiding correlation with old activities and disabled accounts. Manage infinite Servers and BMs, in complete safety, with automatic maintenance farming.

Links and Domains

Generate links for your campaigns, on infinite high-trust domains, thus avoiding reusing old banned domains and keeping your site / store / landing page. Real-time monitoring of access to your links by competitors, reviewers, BOTS, or other types of unwanted traffic. Domains can be verified on your new Business Manager and used for Pixel event management.

Facebook Business Manager

Unlimited high-trust Business Managers, to ensure maximum continuity of work with your campaigns.

Your Workstation

The Clickbuster project originated from the idea of making the work of any online marketer - even beginners - simple, automatic, and scalable. Advanced solutions and tools since 2016, to ensure work continuity with Facebook ADS, the main traffic sources, and all related tools. Everything you need to work, with the same resources as an experienced online marketer. All included in one platform. Thanks to its structure, Clickbuster obtains large-scale data, which allow to offer solutions in the short term and to optimize work protocols. Clickbuster looks to the future. Working tirelessly to implement new features and counting over 1500 active users to date. These include Affiliate Marketers, Dropshippers, Web Agencies and Private Labels. Beginner users find a simple and dynamic environment, which guides them step by step towards their first successful campaigns. Expert users can use advanced tools to improve performance and scale their budget quickly, independently and continuously.

API and Lead Integrations

Through the already integrated APIs, your sales (leads) can be transmitted automatically to any affiliate network, email address or e-commerce platform. You can also activate the Telegram BOT which will communicate in real time, to you or in a group together with your work team. You don't need to code, everything is ready! Set up everything easily through the platform.

Generator Purchase Form

Generate customized purchase forms, for any product or service. The generated forms can be linked to any website, offering the possibility to manage data collection in complete autonomy. Protected from hacker attacks and fake Leads.

Smartlinks and Tracking

Get campaigns approved with any landing page, filtering unwanted traffic (bots, reviewers, competitors), with the possibility of exploiting highly converting emotional levers. Real-time monitoring and traffic routing, to filter access to links by competitors, bots, or other unwanted traffic.

ROI and Trust Boost

Increase traffic quality by managing comments and reactions to your posts. Our team of experts will take care of managing maintenance farming through dedicated servers. In this way, your account will gain a high trust that will be maintained over time, thus significantly reducing the risk of being banned.